Air Pollution in Omaha, Nebraska and The Clear Air Act

Air Pollution in Omaha, Nebraska and The Clear Air ActThe Clear Air Act, passed by the US Congress in 1970, as amended in 1977 and 1990, consolidated the current system of legal regulation and assurance of ambient air quality. Until 1955, the control of atmospheric air quality and the regulation of industrial and economic activities in order to prevent its pollution were completely under the jurisdiction of the states such as Nebraska, New York, Alabama, etc and local governments such as Omaha, Washington, Little Rock, Austin.

In 1955, the US Congress passed the Air Pollution Control Act, which states the provision of scientific, methodological and technical assistance to the states by the federal authorities, while retaining their regulatory and control functions. In accordance with the 1967 Federal Law on Air Quality Control, a federal program was created based on ambient air quality standards. However, the responsibility for the adoption and implementation of these standards remained with the states.

Air pollution rank of Omaha, USA

Omaha, Nebraska isn’t as bad as city of Los Angeles, for example. As stated by the Lung Association, this city in NE is not the cleanest city either. The report displays the data of the ozone pollution and particle pollution.

Omaha ranked 147th out of 228 cities for most polluted ozone. Then it was ranked 64th for most particle pollution out of 201 cities. The Lung Association claims it’s slightly worse than where the last year data. Bad air quality days can mean danger to people and patients with lung cancer or lung disease.

Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy
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Many companies such as eBay, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, and services issuing cash advance loans online take part in climate auction. All the raised funds were spent on ecological projects including offered in NE – The Nebraska Environmental Trust.

Has the problem of air pollution been solved anywhere?

Air pollution has not been resolved in any region, but many European countries, as well as the United States, Canada and Japan, where strict policies and regulations have been adopted and regular monitoring systems have been established, have seen marked reductions in emissions and concentrations and pollutants.

Air pollution is a problem for which solutions are known, and that policy action and technology are needed to achieve higher levels of air purity. In many parts of the world, air quality has improved as the material well-being of those countries has improved.

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