How Can I Green My Property?

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The first steps to greening your operations are

  • Establish a Green Team
    Form a team comprised of representatives from all major departments (housekeeping, engineering, food & beverage, sales, management). A team approach is critical in an industry with such high turnover — divide the load, get ideas from all departments, instill pride, and make staff accountable.
  • Get management buy-in
    Get management to commit to the process. Talk to your sales staff first. If your property has already lost customers who were looking for green properties, this gives you good information to make the case to management.
  • Get recognized for your existing program, or ask for help to start one
    By joining the free Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia at the Yellow Level, you can tap into one-on-one assistance from P²AD to help you develop a strong green program and receive recognition for your efforts!
  • Develop/grow your program
    With P²AD’s help, you can create the framework for your program, identify opportunities, prioritize activities, and implement them. Often your first activities will cost little to nothing to implement and will yield fast results. Next, move on to projects with quick payback. Continually improve — re-evaluate, recognize successes and failures, keep the program growing.
  • Reap the rewards!
    Work with P²AD to market your environmental achievements and get the attention of consumers searching for green lodging.

Properties that currently have established environmental programs also may wish to receive national recognition by pursuing certification by Green Seal as a green hotel. If your property meets Green Seal’s Environmental Standard for Lodging Properties, GS-33, and is interested in Green Seal certification, contact for more information.

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