Recycling & Solid Waste

Part of the Sustainability Division’s mission is to provide technical assistance to businesses in Georgia on reducing, reusing, and recycling solid waste and to support market development activities that divert industrial solid waste streams from our landfills.

For far too many years the generation of waste materials by industries and manufacturers was assumed to be a natural and ordinary consequence of doing business. The costs associated with waste disposal were built into the budget and factored into the prices of goods sold. Not so today: “waste” is a resource to be recovered and reused in house, recycled, or sold to another industry as feedstock or alternative fuel. In the last few years the Internet has fostered the growth of business-to-business commerce in the buying, selling, and trading of excess materials and byproducts from manufacturing. There are hundreds of sites on the Web that facilitate materials exchanges, auctions, and swaps.

As part of the Sustainability Division’s mission to prevent pollution by diverting materials from disposal to reuse, we can provide electronic links to materials exchanges, waste exchanges, recyclers, and re-users.

For assistance, contact Chuck Boelkins, resource recovery specialist, at 404-401-5585 (voice), 1-800-745-2443 (voice), 404-258-5130 (fax), or

For more information on recycling and materials exchanges, visit our Recycling Links page.