Director’s Column – From the Source – Summer 1995

Industry Helping Industry

What do a printer and a military base have in common? Plenty – Both are located in Georgia; both use solvents; both have a strong commitment to preventing pollution; and both use rags.

When I envisioned the direction of this Division, industry helping industry was certainly one desirable goal. Not only have companies in this state shared their case studies at workshops, but also in direct consultation efforts, for example, Williams Printing Co. opened its door to share their ideas and success story on a one-to-one basis.

Robins Air Force Base (AFB), in their continual commitment to pollution prevention, decided to investigate rag disposal alternatives using the resources and expertise of P2AD. Thanks to the willingness of Williams, Robins AFB was able to see first-hand how to use a centrifuge to recover solvent from rags as an alternative to their current rag disposal method. Williams clearly demonstrated the benefits of using a centrifuge to recover solvents, even though Robins AFB generates several thousand more pounds of rags contaminated with solvent than Williams. During the visit, engineers at Williams discussed both the problems and costs associated with implementing the new system, as well as the environmental and financial benefits of recovering the solvents and reusing the rags. The staff at Robins took the opportunity to ask questions about the design of the system, so that they could determine the feasibility of implementing a similar process.

This is an example of what I hope will grow into a network of industries in this state that are willing to share information, thereby enhancing the profitability, productivity, and pollution prevention activities of all involved. P2AD is available to facilitate other similar exchanges in the future.

A Note of Thanks

As you read on the front page, the Recognition Criteria Work Group has created a draft report of their recommendation to develop a Recognition Program. Once the staff has formalized the program, it will be one of the best in the country, going well beyond the typical recognition program to one that rewards the high achievements of companies that participate. I am excited about the possibilities that this type of program could create in our state; acting as a catalyst to encourage pollution prevention practices among Georgia businesses.

And finally I would like to express my appreciation to the fifteen members who participated in the Work Group and developed these exceptional recommendations upon which the foundation of the recognition program will be built. The members include: Lee Thomas, Chairman, Peter Bonacum, Roy Bowen, Elizabeth Brock, Representative Denny Dobbs, Carol Foley, Laurie Fowler, Win Hill, Pete Howard, Bruce Miller, Steve O’Day, Wesley Wolff, Bob Woodall, and David Word.