GEP Activities & Services

Environmental Network Meetings

The Georgia Environmental Partnership (GEP) sponsors environmental network meetings around the state each spring and fall. These meetings provide excellent opportunities for local industry-to-industry mentoring, idea exchange and technology transfer. Each meeting features presentations on a pollution prevention and compliance topic.


P²AD and GEP sponsor seminars and workshops throughout the state on various pollution prevention and waste reduction topics. Past workshops have included: Emerging Technologies in the Pulp and Paper Industry, 3rd Annual Conference on Recycling of Fibrous Textile and Carpet Waste, Food Processors Conference, a chemical industry conference, Pollution Prevention for Pretreatment Operators, and a plastics industry conference.

In-plant Training

P²AD and GEP also can provide pollution prevention training at your facility. In these sessions, we can train workers from different areas of your company at the same time (i.e., environmental, financial, purchasing, upper management, line workers, etc.). Topics can include team building, instruction on self-assessments for waste reduction, full cost accounting of waste and recognizing waste reduction opportunities.