Department of Transportation State of Georgia Supplemental Specification

July 7, 1997


402.01 Description: Delete the first paragraph in this Subsection as written and substitute the following:

This work shall consist of producing and placing hot mix asphaltic concrete which incorporated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP), Reclaimed Asphalt Shingles (RAS), virgin aggregate, hydrated lime, and neat asphalt cement.

402.02 Materials: Change existing Subsection 402.02.B. to 402.02.C. and change existing Subsection 402.02.C. to 402.02.D. and insert the following:

402.02.B. RAS Materials: The RAS will be materials produced as a by-product of the manufacturing process for roofing shingles and/or discarded shingle scrap from the re-roofing of buildings.

The amount of RAS materials used in the recycled mixture shall be a maximum of five percent of the total mixture weight. RAS materials shall be free from foreign materials such as paper, roofing nails, wood, or metal flashing. The RAS material shall be shredded prior to being incorporated in the mixture so that 100% of the shredded pieces are less than 12.5 mm in any dimension.

In addition, RAS materials shall not contain asbestos fibers. If post-consumer shingles are to be used, the Contractor shall furnish test results of Bulk Sample Analysis, also known as Polarized Light Microscopy, which certify the material to be free of asbestos. Testing will be required at the specified rate of 1 test per 1000 Mg of RAS prior to processing and results shall be submitted during the stockpile approval process.

Other than as specifically stated in this Subsection, the use of RAS material shall conform to the same requirements as RAP material described herein..

—Office of Materials and Research