Director’s Column – From the Source, Fall 1995

SERA Partnership Formed

From the very beginning of P2AD’s operation, the Division has leveraged outside resources whenever possible to accomplish its mission. This approach has used innovative public-private partnerships with the university system, trade associations, and federal and state agencies to maximize the effectiveness of our pollution prevention efforts in Georgia. In fact, maximizing the use of existing resources is one of the Division’s core strategies, and P2AD’s goal is to continue to acquire appropriate partners in both the public and private sectors. In furtherance of this goal, I am pleased to announce our partnership on behalf of the State of Georgia with the Southeastern Environmental Resources Alliance (SERA). SERA is a non-profit organization set up to provide environmental information, technical assistance, and other related services to small and medium-sized businesses in Georgia and South Carolina. SERA will also be involved in technology transfer of waste management technologies from the Savannah River Site. We are excited about this partnership for a number of reasons, but particularly because it will enhance our ability to provide technical assistance to industries and businesses in the state. We will be including more details in the newsletter as the specifics of this partnership develop. For now, see the article on the front page for some initial information about SERA.

Trucking Best Management Practices Workshop Held

In October P2AD, in cooperation with the Georgia Motor Trucking Association (GMTA) and the American Trucking Association (ATA), sponsored a very successful one-day workshop at Clayton State College. The workshop reviewed stormwater best management practices and pollution prevention techniques applicable to trucking and fleet maintenance operations. P2AD is very appreciative of the excellent work that ATA and GMTA performed in conducting this workshop. We particularly want to thank Karen Medlin of ATA for her efforts in coordinating the day’s activities. See the article on the next page for details of the workshop and a special free video offer.

Automotive Fluids Work Group to be Formed

As many of you are aware, during 1995 P2AD sponsored a work group that made recommendations to me regarding a state-sponsored household hazardous waste (HHW) program (see article on page 1 of this newsletter). One of these recommendations is that the Division should encourage private sector collection of certain household hazardous wastes. Automotive fluids (such as oil and antifreeze) are one category of HHW for which private collection and management of the wastes are widely available. P2AD is currently forming an Automotive Fluids Work Group to take a closer look at this particular area of concern. The work group will be composed of representatives from environmental organizations, trade associations, recyclers of automotive products, and government. This work group will serve for a limited period of time and will provide the Division with specific recommendations for prevention and management of auto-related wastes. If you have input for this work group to consider, or you would like more information about the work group, please contact Bill Wells of my staff at (404) 651-5120 or 800-125-2473.