Director’s Column – From the Source – Spring 1997

P2AD Targets Solid Waste Streams

Regular readers of From the Source may recall information in our Fall 1996 issue regarding a comprehensive survey of Georgia’s landfills (see “P2AD Takes on Solid Waste Reduction Role”). Analysis of the survey results revealed that a wide variety of recoverable materials are currently being landfilled in Georgia. That article also indicated that the Division will be taking the lead in the state for waste reduction of solid wastes generated from industrial, commercial, and institutional sources. We will be initially targeting our assistance efforts on five of these waste streams: textile waste, wood waste, construction & demolition waste, food processing waste, and wastewater treatment sludge. These five represent materials that are currently being disposed in significant quantities in the state’s landfills, and that are generated primarily from non-residential sources.

To begin our assistance efforts, we are developing assessments of each waste stream. These assessments will include: a profile of the waste’s generators (who they are and where they are located); a characterization of the waste stream, including quantities and composition; current management practices; opportunities for waste reduction; markets for the waste stream if it is diverted from the landfill; and a preliminary strategy to encourage waste stream reduction.

After the initial assessment is complete, P2AD expects to form several work groups to help us formulate waste reduction plans for the wastestreams. In keeping with our tradition of public involvement, we will seek to involve a variety of interested stakeholders in these work groups. Look for more details about our solid waste efforts in future newsletters.