Looking for P2 Professionals

If you are a non-governmental professional working in the field of pollution prevention, the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable wants to include you as a contact in a new directory. The directory, called P2 Experts, will provide a quick and easy way to locate individuals with specific P2 expertise, industrial experience, or process knowledge. It will also provide an opportunity for individuals to promote their P2 skills, cultivate business connections, and establish government contacts.

Sponsored by the Roundtable, P2 Experts is being developed under a grant from the U.S. EPA and being managed by the Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association (NEWMOA). Except for the time it takes to fill out a questionnaire, P2 Experts costs nothing to join. If you want to participate, contact Robert Guillemin at (617) 367-8168 X309 or via e-mail.

Note: P2AD is not affiliated with the Northeast Waste Management Officials Association or the P2 Experts Project. P2AD makes no recommendations or representations concerning participation in this program.