DoD Carpet Project

It looks the same and performs as well as other carpets; however, a closer look reveals more underfoot.

DOD P2 Partnership’s Solid Waste and Recycling Work Team has been working to identify impediments to reducing and recycling construction waste and to promote green building practices and the use of environmentally preferable materials.

It was discovered during the Team’s research that several bases had reported problems with using recycled-content carpet; however, it was determined that most of the carpet installed was not designed for high traffic areas and that most of the unpleasant experiences could have been avoided if the person purchasing the carpet had been informed about the carpets’ specifications. To dispel fears that recycled-content carpet is inferior, the work team asked a base to conduct a demonstration project.

The Naval Supply Corps School in Athens agreed to install recycled-content carpet in a new recreation building. Coincidentally, Collins & Aikman, a commercial carpet manufacturer located in Georgia, was on the verge on introducing a new carpet line, Habitat ©, that contained not only 100% recycled-content carpet but recycled-content face fiber as well.

Another environmental benefit of the carpet includes a Apeel and stick© feature that reduces VOCs during installation. In addition, the carpet is also 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life in Collins & Aikman’s recycling program. After touring the manufacturing facility and seeing the new carpet first-hand, the Naval Supply Corps School decided to purchase the new Habitat tiles for their facility. Collins & Aikman generously agreed to donate a percentage of the carpet to the project.

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