Environmental stewardship makes good business sense, and the Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia offers cost savings through increased productivity and higher process efficiencies, as well as improved employee job satisfaction, retention and recruitment.

The Sustainability Division (then P2AD) worked with a diverse group of stakeholders to develop incentives for participating in the Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia.  These benefits increase as a business or organization moves up through three progressive levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Partnership benefits include technical assistance, networking opportunities, and public recognition.

Free, On-site Technical Assistance

As a Partner, you also have access to free, on-site technical assistance. If you would like to learn more about what services are available to you, see the on-site assistance fact sheet (PDF, 84KB). When you are ready to request assistance, please use the assistance questionnaire.

Discounted Classes at Georgia Tech

Partners also are eligible to receive discounted rates on energy and environmental courses offered by Georgia Tech.

Regulatory Incentives

Below you will find sample regulatory request form letters. If you have questions regarding regulatory incentives please contact Mary Talukder at (404) 165-7444 or