Water Efficiency Services for Water Utilities

It is critical that water providers bring water conservation/demand management into the mainstream of water supply planning. Effective demand management programs can increase the life of existing raw water supplies, minimize the impact of drought, and postpone infrastructure development.

Industrial, commercial, and institutional water use can have a significant effect on local water demands. The Pollution Prevention Assistance Division (P2AD) can assist you with encouraging and improving water efficiency by your non-residential water customers. Below is a list of assistance programs available to Georgia water and wastewater utilities:

  1. Technical assistance for industrial, commercial, and institutional water customers including assistance with water audits, facilitation of internal water efficiency teams, on-site water efficiency assessments, and in-house water efficiency training.
  2. Free water efficiency brochures – P&#178AD can provide you with multiple copies of our water efficiency brochures and case studies to mail to your non-residential water customers.
  3. Assistance with “practicing what you preach”  – A water utility is an institution, and therefore eligible for P2AD’s services.   It is important to serve as an example as you encourage water customers to conserve water.
  4. Presentations/workshops  – Upon request, P2AD’s staff can make presentations for your non-residential customers on water efficiency.