Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

In recent years, the problem of stormwater has become increasingly acute and relevant all over the world. In the process of economic activity, modern society consumes all considerable amounts of water, most of which, as a result, become contaminated with a variety of substances. When they enter the environment, the ecology is damaged enormously, and therefore they must be cleaned up. To ensure it properly, it is necessary to use special equipment and technological complexes, with the help of which the established standards for wastewater pollution are achieved, as defined in the relevant documents. Today, there are many organizations that are successfully working on the problems of stormwater treatment. For many years now, it has been developing and producing devices that allow for the effective separation of harmful substances contained in stormwater from industrial enterprises, agriculture, housing and communal services and transport. This equipment allows you to bring the degree of stormwater pollution to those indicators, at which they can be discharged into the environment without causing damage to it.

The main stormwater pollution and methods of their prevention

Anthropogenic factors of stormwater pollution are quite di-verse and lead to the presence of mechanical, chemical and biological impurities in them, which must be removed by treatment facilities. As a rule, they are contained in storm-water in a complex manner, in various concentrations, which significantly complicates the solution of the problem of wastewater treatment. Mechanical impurities are, in most cases, sand, various small solid particles of industrial or agricultural waste. Their separation from effluents is usually carried out in special sand separators and sedimentation tanks, where they settle naturally, under the influence of gravity. In addition, screens and filters are used to separate mechanical impurities in modern equipment. Sources of stormwater pollution, such as industrial and agricultural enterprises, “saturate” them with a considerable amount of various chemical compounds. Their separation is often a very difficult problem and requires the use of expensive equipment and special reagents. To eliminate organic impurities, special microorganisms are actively and successfully used, which, as a result of their vital activity, decompose them into safe components. As for pollution of biological origin (bacteria and other microorganisms), chlorine was previously actively used to neutralize them, and now more advanced technology of ultraviolet radiation is being used more and more.

Stormwater pollution by industrial enterprises

Industrial plants are the source of many environmental problems associated with stormwater disposal. Technological production processes in almost all industries involve the formation of effluents contaminated with a variety of substances. Today, industrial pollution of stormwater is one of the most significant threats to the ecological state. Industrial enterprises, according to the current legislation, must necessarily use treatment facilities that can neutralize the negative impact of effluents, but this requirement, unfortunately, is not always met in full. Indicators of pollution of discharges of industrial facilities often significantly exceed the established standards. In most cases, as practice shows, this is due to the fact that the treatment facilities, which are outdated both morally and physically, are used, which are subject to reconstruction and modernization. These works are successfully carried out by companies using modern, high-performance and efficient equipment developed by it and produced at its own production facilities. The specialists calculate pollution, determine many other important parameters, being guided by which they design, manufacture, install and put into operation all elements of treatment facilities.

Stormwater pollution by agricultural objects

The environmental problems of agricultural stormwater are also serious. Enterprises of the agro-industrial complex often discharge wastewater into the environment with indicators of the presence of mechanical, chemical and biological impurities that are many times higher than the maximum permissible standards. Reducing the concentration of pollution of stormwater of agricultural origin to the required level should be ensured by their high-quality treatment with modern equipment. Only it is able to guarantee such quantitative and qualitative indicators of stormwater pollution of this type, which allows them to be removed without harm to the environment. The specificity of agricultural production lies in the fact that its livestock and crop divisions produce effluents that have a completely different composition of contaminants: in the first, organic and biological impurities prevail, and secondly, inorganic origin. Therefore, the approach to cleaning them, the methods used for this, the composition of the equipment should be different. When arranging treatment facilities at agricultural enterprises, the specialists must take this circumstance into account, and therefore, at various facilities, they mount the equipment that separates the corresponding types of pollution.

Household stormwater pollution

Residential facilities and social and cultural facilities produce a significant amount of stormwater, which is discharged either to centralized or autonomous sewer systems and then to be treated and discharged into the environment. Mechanical, biological and organic pollution of stormwater, formed as a result of human household activities, is removed by treatment facilities very effectively. It should be noted that the concentration of contaminants in domestic stormwater is relatively low, and modern equipment copes well with their removal.

Prevention of stormwater environment pollution

Prevention of stormwater pollution of water bodies, as well as protection of surface water from wastewater pollution, are the most important tasks facing modern society. Their effective and comprehensive solution is possible only with the use of advanced stormwater treatment technologies and modern equipment.

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