Chemical and Allied Products Sector Analysis

An Analysis of Pollution Prevention Opportunities and Impediments in the Chemical and Allied Products Sector in Georgia

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A core strategy of the Pollution Prevention Assistance Division (P2AD) is to reduce the generation of chemicals that pose the greatest risk to the public and the environment. To achieve this, P2AD is responsive to the technical assistance requests from Georgia industry. However, there is a great diversity of wastes generated by the various industrial sectors. A targeting study was completed to assess which manufacturing sectors would benefit most from pollution prevention assistance. The first phase, Prioritizing Pollution Prevention Assistance Needs Using the 1992 Toxic Release Inventory, identified six high priority manufacturing sectors based on the environmental impact of the chemicals generated as waste.

The second phase of this effort was to identify the specific causes of waste generation and source reduction opportunities in the high priority manufacturing sectors. This report analyzes the chemical and allied products sector which includes facilities listed in the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code 28. The Georgia Manufacturing Directory was used to determine the facilities within SIC 28. Data collected and analyzed in this report was compiled from site visits, case studies, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reports, biennial reports, literature research, and a P2AD sector survey. Completion of this analysis is expected to help P2AD better assist companies within the sector through assessment requests, workshops, and the dissemination of information about effective pollution prevention techniques.