Recycling & Waste Exchange Resources

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Wooden Pallets & Crates

Atlanta Pallets & Services

Timber Industries, Inc., Peachtree City

National Wood Pallet & Container Association

Computers & Electronic Equipment

Computer and E-scrap Recyclers in Georgia (PDF, 24KB)

Plastics & Packaging Materials

American Plastics Council ( Lists manufacturers of recycled plastic products in five main categories: office and warehouse, auto and home, fashion, toys and sports, and general.

Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers ( – Directory of reuse and recycling organizations for EPS (expanded polystyrene or “styrofoam”).

Other Materials

University of Georgia’s Textile Recycling Database (http://www.fcs.uga.ued/tmi/wastedb/) Focuses on recycling carpet waste.

Earth’s 911 ( A comprehensive recycling information site.

Battery Solutions, Inc. ( recycles ALL types of batteries.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (

Earth Protection Services, Inc. ( accepts mercury-containing items (thermostats, switches, thermometers), batteries, CRTs, and computer components.

Wesco, Inc. ( buys, recycles, stores and sells Halon 1301, Halon 1211 from fire extinguishers & fire suppression systems.

CFC Refimax & Material Exchanges

EPA database of suppliers of products containing recovered materials ( includes everything from office products to building materials and is searchable by category, product, recovered material and state.

Recycler’s World ( a trading site for recyclable commodities, used materials, and collectible items. The site also lists trade associations, publications, and online market prices. Very well organized into increasingly specific categories.

Enviroshare ( Georgia-based exchange for Hall County.

Recycle America Alliance

Southeast Waste Information Exchange (SWIX) (

Kentucky Industrial Materials Exchange (

Georgia Industrial Materials Exchange

Other Resources

Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) ( includes a searchable index of recyclers in Georgia – select “Environmental” and then “Georgia Recycling Markets.”

Global Recycling Network (

Clean Washington Center ( a Washington state organization established to develop markets for recycled materials.

US EPA Jobs Through Recycling ( join or view archives from list server discussions among recycling market development professionals. Discussion topics on hard-to-recycle items, project updates and market development issues.

EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response

Chelsea Center for Recycling and Economic Development http://

Recycling Clip Art and

EPA’s Eco-Purchasing Page ( a list of manufacturers and suppliers of products containing recovered materials. Outlines Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG), which designate recycled content items and recommend purchasing practices for agencies using federal funds. Includes Recovered Material Advisory Notices (RMAN), which recommend recycled-content levels for CPG designated items. Provides product information, supplier lists and case studies.

Glossary of Recycling Terms

Waste News

Internet Recycling Guide

Georgia Composting Association

National Recycling Coalition ( coalition of US organizations committed to maximizing recycling, reuse, and waste reduction.

Environment Directory ( outstanding site with excellent links sorted by categories and states.

Federal Research and Development Project Summaries ( federal R&D information from more than 240,000 project summaries.

GrayLIT Network ( a comprehensive portal to over 100,000 full-text technical reports from various Federal agencies.

Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) ( a searchable compendium of peer-reviewed journal literature.

Biocycle Magazine ( Information related to recovery and reuse of organic materials.