Water Messaging Research

2003 Georgia Water Wise Summit

P2AD, in conjunction with the Georgia Water Wise Council, the Environmental Policy Program at Georgia State University, and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Water Conservation Coordinator, hosted the 2003 Georgia Water Wise Summit Nov. 3, 2003.

The Summit was the culmination of a series of research projects led by P2AD with assistance from its partners.  P2AD engaged the research firm Responsive Management to examine public attitudes across Georgia about water issues, including the types of messages most likely to motivate the public to conserve water.  P2AD’s goal in the research project was to make that information available to all interested parties in hopes that the messages would be useful and would be integrated into educational materials as appropriate.  The completed research was the focus of the Summit.

To read the full text of Responsive Management’s report, Understanding the Georgia Public’s Perception of Water Issues and the Motivational Messages to Which They Will Respond, click on the following links:

Report Volume 2:  Additional Telephone Survey Results (Word, 2.1MB)If you would prefer to download the report volumes as read-only Microsoft Word documents, click on the following links:
Report Volume 1:  Telephone Survey Results (Word, 1.7MB)

The report can be searched for key words in Microsoft Word by using the “Find” command under the “Edit” menu bar, or the shortcut key, Control + F.  Note that all text and tables can be searched for key words; however, Word considers graphs “pictures,” and text within the graphs cannot be searched.

The Georgia Water Wise Summit sought to build partnerships between organizations to promote these messages and ensure that consistent messages are disseminated in a coordinated approach; to encourage state and local governments to play an active role in water conservation issues; and to encourage organizations to not only promote, but also to practice water conservation.  Check this site after November 20, 2003 to read a full summary of the Summit and learn more about how this water messaging research will be utilized to increase water conservation in Georgia.


Georgia Water Wise Council

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Water Conservation Program

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The Georgia Drought Management Plan has also been posted below as information relating to Georgia’s water planning activities.

Georgia Drought Management Plan (Word, 111KB)

Section 6, Climate Divisions Map (PPT, 709KB)