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Georgia’s water resources are facing threats on several fronts. High growth rates are putting extra pressure on an already limited water supply. Saltwater intrusion threatens the Upper Floridan Aquifer, coastal Georgia’s water supply. In the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint and Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa river systems, future water withdrawals will be limited by the water allocation formula between Georgia, Alabama, and Florida.

To ensure sufficient water supplies for present and future generations, we must use this precious resource wisely. Effective water demand management can increase the life of existing raw water supplies, minimize the impact of drought, and postpone infrastructure development.

Water Efficiency Benefits

Industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) water use can have a significant effect on local water demands. In addition to the environmental benefits, water efficiency programs can reduce costs and increase the profitability of a business through:

Water and sewer cost savings

Wastewater treatment cost saving

Energy savings

Furthermore, as water quality regulations become stricter and the cost of water increases, organizations that use water more efficiently will gain a competitive edge.

P²’s Water Efficiency Services

P²’s staff can assist you with your water efficiency efforts. The following free, confidential services are
available to industry, commercial businesses, and institutions (including local, state and federal government programs) that operate in Georgia:

  • Water audits (using a portable ultrasonic flowmeter)
  • On-site water efficiency assessments
  • On-site water efficiency training
  • Facilitation of water efficiency teams
  • Water efficiency information center

Water Conservation Brochures for Landscaping

Managing a Water-wise Landscape (PDF, 1.39MB)

Proper Planting Results in Healthy, Water-efficient Plants (PDF, 1.24MB)

Water Saving Tips When Planning a New Landscape (PDF, 1.59MB)

Xeriscape: Seven Steps to a Water-wise Landscape (PDF, 1.56MB)

Water Efficiency Calculators

General Water Use

Cooling Tower Audit

Counter Current Rinse Audit

Landscape Audit

Please contact one of our engineers at (404) 165-5120 if you need assistance with one of the calculators.

Georgia Success Stories

Reidsville State Prison Success Story (PDF, 476KB)

Wellstar Health System – Support Service Laundry (PDF, 18KB)

Water Efficiency in Water Reclamation Operations: Clayton County Water Authority Practices What it Preaches

Saved Water = Saved $$ at Mount Vernon Mills(PDF, 527KB)

Short- and Long-term Water Management Planning at Southwire (PDF, 102KB)

Weyerhaeuser-Flint River Operations Explores Methods to Reduce Water Usage (PDF, 113KB)

Water Conservation in the Chemical Industry Case Study: Advantis Technologies, Inc

Water Efficiency Makes Good Business $ense at Unilever Home and Personal Care

Saving Water at Golden State Foods

Water Efficiency Links

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Water Conservation Page

Georgia Drought – University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Georgia Water Wise Council

EPA’s Water Sense Program

Global Environmental Management Initiative’s (GEMI) New Water Sustainability Tool

North Carolina Water Efficiency Manual for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Facilities http://www.p2pays.org/ref/01/00692.pdf)

Water Wiser – The Water Efficiency Clearinghouse, sponsored by the American Water Works Association

Capturing Condensate to Conserve Emory’s Water
http://www.p2ad.org/pdfs/emory.pdf (PDF, 39KB)

WaterSmart – Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority’s Tips for Water Efficient Landscaping

Chatham County – Savannah Water Conservation Program

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s Industrial Commercial and Institutional Water Management Program

California Urban Water Conservation Council

Food Service Technology Center

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