Water Conservation Workshops

P&#178AD sponsored five workshops in Fall 2002 to help local governments develop cost-effective water conservation programs for their communities.

View the Powerpoint presentations given at the workshops:
City of Savannah Welcome (PPT, 861KB)
Water Conservation – What is it and Why is it important? – A (PPT, 210KB)
Water Conservation – What is it and Why is it important – B (PPT, 542KB)
Water Efficiency at Clayton County (PPT, 4532KB)
Doing Our Part! – City of Savannah (PPT, 2800KB)
Athens-Clarke County Water Conservation Program (PPT, 1471KB)
Water Conservation Rate Structures (PPT, 529KB)
Water Conservation in GA – Who’s doing what and Where do we go from here? (PPT, 720KB)
Water Efficiency in the Home – A (PPT, 1446KB)
Water Efficiency in the Home – B (PPT, 131KB)
Innovative Outdoor Water Conservation Practices (PPT, 4744KB)
How to Help Your Local Businesses and Institutions (PPT, 2274KB)
Success Stories (PPT, 2494KB)
Water Conservation – An Appropriate Business Practice (PPT, 272KB)
Water Conservation Resources (PPT, 5090KB)

Recommended Water Conservation Books and Manuals

Recommended Water Conservation Websites

The Source Newsletter Article about the Workshops (PDF, 133KB)

P&#178AD would like to thank the following organizations for their support of the workshops:

Association of County Commissioners of Georgia
Atlanta Regional Commission
Cobb County – Marietta Water Authority
Georgia Conservancy
Georgia Department of Community Affairs
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Georgia Environmental Protection Division
Georgia Municipal Association
Georgia Pollution Prevention Assistance Division
Georgia Rural Water Association
Georgia Urban Agriculture Coalition
Georgia Water & Pollution Control Association
Georgia Water Wise Council
Golder Associates
Gwinnett County Department of Public Utilities
Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District
Southface Energy Institute
University of Georgia Center for Urban Agriculture
University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper